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Client main board

Figure 1
  1. Sound – will open the sound settings window
  2. Display – will open the Display Settings window
  3. Mouse settings
  4. Game Categories  – List of categories in which you have games are shown here, any empty category will be hidden. Shop – where you can purchase items for sales using your account balance.

On the home page, we will show 5 games that members played at the top. Then show the favorite games and order by local hot.

  1. Game list – Games will be listed in this area
  2. Running games and applications: click the icon, and you can switch or terminate the games.
  3. Search box – to search games
  4. Feedback – use this to provide feedback to the cafe owners
  5. Request for assistance – will send assistance request to the cafe attendant
  6. Password change – will open a modal from which you can change your account password
  7. Lock – will lock the pc, required password to lock and unlock it
  8. Logout – will end your session, you need to confirm checkout when you click the button. Only members and guest accounts can log out from the client side.
  9. User details like name, balance, bonus and coins.
  10. Offer and its remaining time.
  11. Cafe news