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Global events

In the same way, there is an option for global events. Customers from the center using iCafeCloud are able to join the event. A global event is a weekly event with a prize of 100$ each week which will be provided by our company. So it is our company to create global events. The prize money will be sent to the top 10 players directly to their accounts. Players will have the option to enter their email address on the client side and also the wallet address if the user wants the prize in cryptocurrency (doge). Scores for the players will be counted from the 5 best games played from all games in the event.

To join the global events, follow the steps below :

  1. On the client’s PC, customers can go to the “Events” tab and select the event (Figure 1).
Figure 1
  1. Then click the “Join” button (Figure 2). In the same way, any player can join the event.
    1 => Back button to hide the details of the event.
    2 => Join button to join the event.
    3 => Play button. When a member joins the event it will activate and can play with it.
    4 => Description of the event.
    5 => Details of the players, all players who joined the event, and their stats.
Figure 2
  1. Enter the email address and click the “Join” button (Figure 3).
Figure 3
  1. After that, the player detail will be added and displayed on the right and a player can play when the event is started (Figure 4).
    POS= Position in the event
    Player = Player name(member).
    Center name = Name of the center where a player belongs.
    Matches = Number of matches played.
    Wins = Record of the wins.
    Kills = Record of the kills made.
    Point = Record of the points gained.
    Bonus = Record of the amount won. Bonus paid = Record of the paid bonus.
Figure 4