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Important changes for games from June 2020

Most launcher games already provide an auto-update function, so we will not provide the IDC update for those games from June 2020. What do you have to do after these changes?

Here, the launcher game means the “Steam”, “Epic”, “” and “Origin” games.

Launcher is the launching application of these 4 game platforms. Launcher games means the games on these game platforms.

1. Change the client game disk letter to the same as the server game disk letter. For example, if your game disk letter is E on the server, the client game disk letter must be E either.

2. Install or upgrade your iCafeCloud Server to the latest version.

3. Reinstall your launcher applications on the server game disk on the same path as before.

If it is an Origin game you should install the games to “Game_disk:\Program Files (x86)\Origin Games”.

4. Refresh iCafeCloud Server from its toolbar.

5. Scan the launcher games and verify the files on the server by the installed launchers.

6. You can auto update the launcher or launcher games on the server directly.

7. If you want to add launcher games, you should install the launcher and launcher games to the game disk on the server directly, then add the launcher and launcher games on iCafeCloud.

For example, if you want to add a game “WOW”, you should install launcher on the game disk. Then install “WOW” on the game disk, then add launcher to iCafeCloud named as “”, game type as “Normal” and add “WOW” to iCafeCloud naming “World of Warcraft”, game type as “”.

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