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Shared license pool

In recent updates for iCafeCloud, we have added a function to allow sub-centers to access the license pool from the main cafe.

  1. Licenses were added to the “License Pool” page in the main cafe (Figure 1).
Figure 1
  1. The licenses in the main cafe are accessible in the sub cafe when clicking the “Play with free license” button as shown below (Figure 2).
Figure 2
  1. If you have added any licenses in the “License pool” in the sub cafe, those licenses are only accessible to that sub cafe (Figure 3).
Figure 3
  1. The licenses added to the subcafe’s are not available to the main cafe or other sub-cafes (Figure 4)
Figure 4


  • If you have sub-cafes, then always add the accounts for the games in the license pool of the main cafe. So that the accounts are available in all sub-cafes.
  • Licenses added to sub cafes are not available to other sub cafes or the main cafe.