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Add guest accounts

You can now add a guest account for users that want to play games without creating member accounts.

To create the guest account, follow the instructions below.

  1. Click on the “Members” tab and then click on the “Guest” button and click on the “+” button (Figure 1).
Figure 1

  1. Now, on the “Guest” modal, set the “Expire Time” and the “Balance” amount the account will have, then click the “Submit” button (Figure 2).
Figure 2

  1. An account with a random username will be created with the set balance amount and expiration time.
  2. The default password for the guest account is “123456”.
  3. You can have as many accounts as you need for guests.
  4. To give the account to the user you can print it, to print the guest account details, click the account link and then click on the “Print” button on the “Guest” modal (Figure 4).
  5. The default expiration time is 7 days from creation.
Figure 4

Note: The expired guest account will be deleted in the background after 6 hours.

  1. Select your ticket printer and then click on the “Print” button (Figure 5).
Figure 5

Refer to the picture below for supported printer type


If the printer prints a long receipt for guest account details, click “More settings” on the print modal (Figure 6) and then uncheck “Headers and footers” (Figure 7).

Figure 6

Figure 7