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Prepaid Session

Prepaid sessions mean the user will pay some money to use the computers for a certain period.

To start a prepaid session, follow the steps below.

  1. Go to the “Computers” page, right-click on a client PC or more where the user will sit, then choose “Start prepaid session” (Figure 1).
Figure 1
  1. Either you can enter the custom time or money or click the button available (Figure 2).
Figure 2
  1. The Sum will appear here if more than one PC is selected, so enter the “Paid” amount and click the “Start” button (Figure 3).
Figure 3
  1. After that, it will be visible on the shop page. Clicking it will pop up to print the receipt or close it (Figure 4).
Figure 4
  1. Then the session will start, and once the time elapses, the session will finish, and iCafeMenu will lock the PC and show it as “Standby” instead of “online” on the “Computers” page.


  1. Prepaid sessions can only be checked out from the control panel, so any remaining time will be refunded unless settings are changed in the payment settings.
  2. prepaid/postpaid sessions cannot be refunded. No refund button (Figure 5).
Figure 5

  1. If many postpaid PCs are selected for checkout, the total payment will be auto-generated.
  2. If you start a prepaid session by entering an erroneous amount, you can refund it by following the Refund Balance guide.