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Apply for a trial license

  1. First of all, join our discord channel.
  2. You will be redirected to the welcome page. There you can read instructions and move on to new users (Figure 1).
Figure 1.

There are two commands: !trial and !center. If you are currently using any of our products and need help. you can type !center command or if you join the discord for trial, you can type !trial command. After that our available support will reply to you. Use the command on the new user’s channel.

  1. After you send !trial command, the trial help channel will be available for you. During the trial period you can chat with our support from there as well (Figure 2).
Figure 2.

  1. Then our support staff will send you friend requests so you have to accept it. So that he can create a group chat for you with other support staff.
  2. In the group, he will ask about cafe info and serverconfig and assist remotely with the server installation.