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How to check reports

The report shows your current income and profit amounts. To check the report, follow the steps below.

  1. Login to the web admin for iCafeCloud, then click on “Reports” from the left pane (Figure 1).
Figure 1
  1. The report overview shows (Figure 2):
  •  Current Cash Balance and profit amount.

                  Cashier balance includes:

  •  All members top-up balance.
  • selling offer (cash and credit cards only, excluding balance purchases).
  • The customer’s prepaid/postpaid sessions.
  • Sold products (cash and credit card only, excluding balance purchases).
  • Cashier’s expense.

The cashier’s profit is calculated as:

Cashier balance – (all sold product amount + Cafe expense during report period)


Cafe expenses during the report period

On the settings page, the admin can input the cafe’s monthly expenses. The cafe’s monthly expenses need to be allocated to each PC.

For example: If a cafe‘s monthly expense is 1000 and its report period is 1 day. Then, the PC money is 5000, then the PC profit is:

5000 – (1000 / 30).  30 is 30 days in a month.

  •  Income from the PC and the profit amount from it.

        From PC include:

Cash balance calculated above excluding sold products and cashier expense

The profit from PC is calculated as:

(From PC money) – (Cafe expense during the report period)

  • From shop/ profit amount

        Sold products include all payment methods: cash, credit cards, balances, and coins.

The profit from the shop is calculated as:

(From shop amount) – (total sold products cost)

  • Average PC usage (hours)

Average PC usage is calculated as the total number of hours of all PC usage divided by the total number of PCs.

For example: If all the PCs are used for 100 hours a day and there are 50 PCs in the cafe, then the average PC usage is 100 /50 = 2 hours.

  • Income from Top-up from members and the profit amount from it.

Top-up from members is the amount collected from all members’ top-up balances.

Please be aware that the data in this section is only retained on our servers for 3 months; the duration may be extended by linking a Google Drive account. See how to! 

Figure 2
  1. The first chart is about the cashier’s cash and profit amount, showing daily earnings in the cafe for a 1-month duration. Reports can be viewed separately by clicking the blue and red buttons near the Cashier Cash and Profit label (Figure 3).
Figure 3
  1. The second chart is about “average PC usage” which is calculated as hours/all PCs (Figure 4).
Figure 4
  1. Product and offers sale report

Just below the top-up from members, you can see the product and offer sale details, which can be sorted by clicking the columns (Figure 5).

Figure 5
  1. Games

Reports on games also include the games and the number of times they have been played by the customers (Figure 6).

Figure 6