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Employees settings page

You can manage accounts that can be created for the employees like admin, manager, and cashier account for your employees from the “Employees” tab on the settings page (Figure 1).

Figure 1

Unlike admin accounts, manager accounts have less access to features and functions in the iCafeCloud.

  1. The manager cannot use his password to log in to the client to exit icafemenu (Admin Mode).
  2. The manager cannot create PC groups on the Computers page or use the Pause function.
  3. The manager cannot create Member groups on the member page.
  4. The manager has access to the Boot > computers page only and can add/edit/delete PC, Shutdown, reboot, log off, or remote control the client PC.
  5. The manager does not have access to game categories or game settings.
  6. The manager does not have access to customer feedback on the Logs page.
  7. The manager only has access to inventory and center news on the Settings page while Admin has access to all options on the “settings” page.