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Run commands when member Login or Logout

In the recent update of the iCafeCloud client (icafemenu) we have added better support to run commands when members/users start a session from the cloud panel as well as when a member logs out.

  1. Create a bat file named “login.bat” as well as “logout.bat” in the “iCafeMenu” folder (Figure 1).
Figure 1
  1. Put the commands that you want to run during member login or session start in the “login.bat” (Figure 2).
Figure 2
  1. Put the commands that you want to run when the session ends or member logout in the “logout.bat” (Figure 3).
Figure 3
  1. The corresponding commands will run when the user login or logout.


  • You can use login.bat and logout.bat to delete or clear data from previous sessions as well as close/exit applications that are open when a member logs out or another member logs in.
  • Also, If you were using the “Run” option after checkout before, then you can replace it with using “logout.bat” as this does exactly the same.