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Set Russian taxes

Users from Russia can set taxes according to the Russian tax system. To do so, follow the steps below:

  1. Login to the cloud panel in the Russian language.
  2. Select the ATOL printer option (Figure 1).
Figure 1
  1. Then the user will be able to select the tax from the dropdown and set the percent of tax in the payment settings (Figure 2).
Figure 2

List of available taxes:

OSN – general.

usnIncome – simplified income.

usnIncomeOutcome – simplified income minus expenses.

ENVD – single tax on imputed income.

ESN – single agricultural tax.

PATENT – patent system of taxation.

  1. For ATOL printers, instead of 0%, the value of taxes can be adjusted to “Free” from the dropdown selection (available exclusively in the Russian regions)(Figure 3).
Figure 3

If “Free” tax is chosen, ATOL should now print “Сумма без НДС” instead of “сумма с НДС 0%”.