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Order from client

  1. Click the “Shop” tab  (Figure 1).
Figure 1

  1. Hover on the item and click the “+” add to cart button (Figure 2).
Figure 2

  1. Then you can pay either cash, from a credit card, or with a balance select click the respective button and click the done button. Then the order will be submitted (Figure 3).
Figure 3


  1. You can view the offer and accessories separately with the offer button and accessories button on the left respectively.
  2. There will be a sound notification on CP when an order is placed from the client but If you use chrome for CP, you have to click anywhere on the page.
  3. If the session is post-paid, the payment method must be selected as cash but can be paid at the end of the session and must be confirmed by the admin from the cloud panel (Figures 4 and 5).
Figure 4
Figure 5